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white poplar of the Poitou, the Marais iconic tree


The white Poplar of the Poitou is an hybrid Euro-American variety, this species has been adapted to the Marais Poitevin. Planted in alignment or poplar grove, it is the emblem of the purification of the Marais by its needs in water.

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The outsourced work of the Poplar tree is the savoir-faire of LEUKE group which, through subsidiaries, develops and makes first and second transformation products around logs and waste from the production and the exploitation.
Three generations have showcased innovating products in unexpected fields of activity.

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Ambassador of the White Poplar

A total knowledge of the the subsidiary by the group facilitates the silviculture, the exploitation as well as the transformation, making LEUKE, the French Leader in the total exploitation of the Poplar tree.

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Sciage et Déroulage de Luché

French Leader in the conception, manufacturing and innovation of terra cotta, quarry, prefabricated and ceramic packaging.


Société d’Exploitation Forestière de Luché

Silviculturist and forester in the leafy species and, especially the White Poplar tree of the Poitou, in order to introduce it on the animal nutrition industry, as well as the cosmetic industry.


Ludopopulus, conception of derivative products

Conception, design and product innovation dedicated to industrialist and private sectors.


WoodExtract, the wood chemistry start-up

Specialised in the wood chemistry industry and particularly in the ingredient supplying for human and animal nutrition and the cosmetic.

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